Kawabe no cottage which located beside the Sada bridge settlement is a so quiet cottage only one pair.

Settlement on the bank of the Sada bridge.

We used to call Sada chinkabashi or Sada chinkabridge instead of Sada bridge settlement.

Cottages and houses are built of cypress 20 years old.

Summer vacation period, since there are cottages available,

Could you Please feel free to contact us even any time.

Even foreigners are OK. Staff are available in interpreter of English.

mobile phone number ⇒ 090-1329-6330

my name is sei miyazaki who call me sei.so please call me sei.

I can speak English very well so any time will be able to traditional style of Japanse we used to call

"omotenashi" and support / hospitality very welcom so no problem.

I own my website so really including my location or google map on my website.

Could you Please check it out click under ↓ following the my website address


Riverside cottage rates

dinner is recommended to introduce the near shop and breakfast is couple three house and shops
minutes away.

check-in 10:00 check out 16:00 adults(over middle school)5,000 yen/night/person-2 person

half of 2,500 yen elementary/night additional premium of 500 yen/pers

on takes and free primary school under.10% the day before the day 50%-30% 6days from the date a week ago for free.

Cottage has provided material

Bedding, shampoo, conditioner, bath towel, face towel, toothbrush, cotton swabs hair fan,

air conditioning, hairdryer, bath and toilet unisex, TV in the living room kitchen, five bicycle

rental, refrigerator in kitchen

Not only hydrogen per meal. Please inform restaurant when booking appointments. We will guide you.

If you come here where my calm private cottege houses you will be able to come to my cottages

and houses from JR Kochi station to Nakamura station as well as by bus.

If you have international drivers license who can and will be able to rent a car where infront of the

Nakamura station. You really don't worry about no car, If you don't take a rent a car to come to

my cottages where will be able to pick you up to Nakamura station. please call my mobile phone number

⇒090-1329-6330 when you arrive at the Nakamura station as soon as possible.

Beforehand and in advance If you will be able to know about time schedule and time table.

for example when you book-reservation and stay my cottages which date of month/how many person/

you need pick you up/ if you need pick you up where reach and arrive what time is that

could you please tell me know adout all it.

Please check it out click under↓ following the website address of tosakuroshio railway,

you will be able to know about train times + fares and You can search all train from JR lines,

as well as TOSA KUROSHIO RAILWAY's trains, on this page.⇒ http://www.tosakuro.co.jp/tosakuro/top_E.html

from sei/kawabeno cottages owner.

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